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Yoga Waiver of Liability

Is Your Yoga Business Legally Protected?

Avoid the VERY common mistakes most yoga studio owners and teachers make and learn how to protect yourself and your business!  

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WHY the Yoga Waiver of Liability?

This document is a must-have for anyone who facilitates yoga or other physical activity.

At law, when you provide services to someone you have a responsibility to ensure they do not suffer damages through the participation in activities you facilitate. If you have a clearly drafted Waiver of Liability, the document protects your assets and limits your liability by clearly presenting the activities and risks to participants.

When someone signs a waiver of liability, they forfeit their legal right to hold you liable for what might happen when they are in your care. Waivers protect your company, or instructor, from being sued if someone gets injured.

Wow! I really need this!

What is the Waiver of Liability?

This is the document that explains the risks and possible outcomes of participating in activities with you, and allows clients to absolve you of liability.  It states that the clients will not sue you in the event that something goes wrong during the course of the engagement.

Who is the Waiver of Liability For?

This is a must for every yoga studio owner!

What happens if you don't have it?

You run the risk of one of your clients alleging that they suffered damages by virtue of working together or by any recommendation that you may have made to them. If you don't have the waiver of liability, by law you will be responsible. 

How do you use the Waiver of Liability?

Have your students/members sign this document. You should make it mandatory for anyone who participates in your services to sign this before you allow them to join.


and in 2022...

not a SINGLE client using our agreements got sued!

Yoga Studio owners...

we KNOW there's a LOT to worry about...

  • Students getting injured and suing you

  • Clients creating problems, acting inappropriately, or unfairly wanting refunds and disputing charges

  • Ownership of IP rights in anything you create

  • Misclassifying independent contractors or employees

  • Not being able to share or use content you've recorded because you don't have student's permission

  • Not having your agreements reflect relevant autopay and monthly subscription rules

  • Accounts getting hacked and not being protected with privacy policies

  • We've worked with countless yoga studios over the last 6 years! We understand your risks, and our agreements have been written to address them.

Why Law is fun Legal agreements?

1. You won't spend an arm and a leg working with an expensive lawyer.

2. You're getting agreements written by lawyers who KNOW health coaching and the risks with this unregulated industry, but also the evolving online world.

3. These aren't your standard templates you download off the internet.  Your agreements are a product of a law firm that's spent 6 years working with health and wellness professionals.

4. Our agreements are written in PLAIN ENGLISH that you and your clients will actually be able to understand!

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Law Is Fun™ is powered by the team at Conscious Counsel, an award winning law firm that has served health, wellness and fitness professionals for over six years. While Law Is Fun™ is a separate entity, our legal agreements have been drafted, redrafted, and perfected by lawyers with over 300 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Reviews, all from health and wellness entrepreneurs just like you!

Please note that purchasing agreements through Law Is Fun does not create a lawyer/client relationship and we are not providing legal services to you. We are simply inserting your answers into our precedents to create your customized and specific agreements. There is no advising involved in the process.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, for any reason, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re happy, even if that means a full refund.


I’m the author of The Yoga Law Book, head Lawyer at the award winning law firm Conscious Counsel, a certified yoga teacher, group fitness instructor and world traveller. I'm also currently getting my certification as a health coach!

Freedom, ease and fun are the three most important things in my life - which is why it thrills me to bring Law Is Fun™ to life. I have worked with over 750+ health, wellness and fitness professionals and seem to have the same conversation over and over again: they don't understand the law, they don't know what they need and they are scared of losing their assets because they are not operating properly or professionally.

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Yoga Waiver of Liability

A must for anyone who provides advice or facilitates physical activity. It explains the risks and possible outcomes of participating in activities with you, and allows clients to absolve you of liability.  

When someone signs a waiver of liability, they forfeit their legal right to hold you liable for what might happen when they follow your advice.

Am I Hiring A Lawyer?

No! The answers you provide to our questionnaire will auto-populate in the agreements which have been prepared by one of our lawyers.

A lawyer will not review or advise on the answers you provide when filling out the questionnaire.

Yoga Specific

We KNOW the yoga industry and your unique needs and risks.

10 Day Full Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, for any reason, we’ll work with you to make sure you’re happy, even if that means a full refund.

What our customers are saying...

- Mychele Sims

Truly a pleasure to work with Cory! He is FUN and knowledgeable! I had what I thought to be an impossible deadline and he confidently said, “I got you!” I was amazed at how streamlined and comprehensive the process was for getting legal documents! Being a fitness professional and having the right legal protection is key. I didn’t want to go into another year with old boiler plates that were not specific to my company, it’s offerings and COVID. I highly recommend using Conscious Counsel because they do legal magic for all the right reasons and they do it well

- Gaurav Gupta

Love working with Cory and his team. They have helped us in numerous legal documents and I am proud to change the documents quality from boring legal jargon to actually fun, strong in legal perspective and easy to read documents. Always love his relaxed and reaffirming attitude. Look forward to working with him and his amazing team for a long time! Thank you!

- CJ Kelly

Cory and the team are phenomenal! I've worked with other lawyers in the past, and this was by far the best experience I've ever had. I even laughed a little. I appreciate Cory's no-nonsense approach and have the utmost trust in the team. The process is smooth with the ability to easily collaborate, give feedback, and a quick turnaround on custom contracts. Everyone I have referred has also had the same experience. Thank you!

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