Health Coaching Professionals Waiver of Liability

This document is a must have for anyone who facilitates massage or physical activity. It explains the risks and possible outcomes of participating in activities with you, and allows clients to absolve you of liability. Without a customized and professionally drafted waiver of liability, there is a high likelihood that your waiver will be unenforceable, which defeats the purpose of having a waiver in the first place. When someone signs a waiver of liability, they forfeit their legal right to hold you liable for what might happen when they are in your care. Waivers protect your company, or massage professional, from being sued if someone gets injured. Give yourself peace of mind with this clear, unambiguous, jurisdiction specific and customized waiver of liability.

  • Parties: Between business and people partaking in your services
  • Purpose: to waive liability
  • Who needs it: Businesses where there is risk of injury
Table of Contents
  1. Why do you need it
  2. What does it do
  3. Who is it for
Why do you need it
This is the document that helps you from getting sued and protects your assets and limits your liability. It is the big one and should cover all the different types of different health coaching activities you offer.
What does it do
At law, when you offer health coaching services you have a responsibility to ensure they do not suffer damages through the participation in activities you facilitate. If you have a clearly drafted Waiver of Liability, the document can help such liability by clearly presenting the activities and risks to participants.
Who is it for
This is for your clients to sign. You should make it mandatory for anyone who is coached by you to sign this before you allow them to join.