Can I use these documents in my state/province/country?

Yes. We have attorneys called to the Bar in British Columbia and New York, and clients all over the US, Canada, the UK and elsewhere. Being called to the Bar in your state matters a lot if you are taking a matter to litigation, but for contracts, negotiations, and legal consulting, it is much more important to have an attorney that understands your industry. We are yogis, Pilates enthusiasts, spa professionals, and business coaches. We know the laws around these industries, and  we know how they operate on a practical level.

Can you teach me about what I need to know about law?

For sure! We have an online course, Heart Leading Law, which gives you the ins and outs of legally running a business. Cory also regularly appears on podcasts and webinars to teach about law. Join our email list to know about upcoming webinars, and find some of our favorite podcast episodes here.

Do you know about taxes?

No. Tax is not our area of expertise and therefore we recommend you consult with an accountant for tax-related questions.

What about insurance?

We always recommend that our clients get insurance coverage for their business and relevant needs in case something happens. We do not help you apply for insurance, but our clients love beYogi and Massage Magazine Insurance Plus.

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