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Law Is Fun™ is powered by the team at Conscious Counsel, an award winning law firm that has served health, wellness and fitness professionals for five years. While Law Is Fun™ is a separate entity, it has been designed and dreamed of my the same team that has gotten over 250 5* Google Reviews

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Take the first steps in protecting your business by downloading a free legal checklist specific to your industry. See what documents you'll need to get started and learn about waivers, service agreements and online protection.

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Hi, I'm Cory.

I’m the author of The Yoga Law Book, head Lawyer at the award winning law firm Conscious Counsel, a certified yoga teacher, group fitness instructor and world traveller. 

Freedom, ease and fun are the three most important things in my life - which is why it thrills me to bring Law Is Fun™ to life. I have worked with over 750+ health, wellness and fitness professionals and seem to have the same conversation over and over again: they don't understand the law, they don't know what they need and they are scared of losing their assets because they are not operating properly or professionally. 

In an attempt to help as many people as possible all over the world in the quickest and easiest way possible, we have built this website and its services. We know what you need, we know what legal issues will most likely get you in hot water and we get you agreements which are filled with the things you need to stay protected, as per the nuances of your industry. Best of all, you get these customized and ready to use agreements within a day of signing up and you can go through the whole process without leaving the comfort of your home.

So - have fun! Look forward to getting rid of the legal stress in your life so you can focus on the parts which light you up. Please know that it genuinely excites me to offer this to you and is part of the mission I have personally been on for five years: Transform the way legal services are offered to heart leading health, wellness and fitness professionals.